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On Thursday, 20 October 2022, the Rector of the University of Primorska promoted 11 Doctors of Science who defended their doctoral dissertations between March and October 2022 at a ceremony in the UP Armeria. 307 students have completed their doctoral studies at UP so far.

Thursday, 20 October 2022

New Doctor of Science Žiga Velkavrh

Today, on the 20th of October 2022, we welcomed another Doctor of Science at UP Famnit and UP IAM.

Today, 14 October 2022, we successfully concluded the conference MATCOS-22  The Middle-European Conference on Applied Theoretical Computer Science. The two-day event was organized by Andrej Marušič Institute (UP IAM), the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (UP FAMNIT) and in cooperation with the research institute InnoRenew CoE.

On Wednesday, 19 October 2022, from 9 AM to 4.30 PM, the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (UP Famnit) will host the closing event of the Erasmus+ project GROWTHMINDS in its Lobby (Avla).

The InnoRenew CoE institute and the University of Primorska are organising the InnoRenew CoE International Conference 2022: Rethinking buildings and materials for a sustainable future, hosted from 17–18 November 2022 at InnoRenew's new building in Izola, Slovenia.

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