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Andrej Marušič Institute (UP IAM) is a research institute operating within the University of Primorska. In 1999 it was registered as an independent public research institute under the name of Primorska Institute of Natural and Technical Sciences Koper (UP PINT). As of 10 November 2011, UP PINT was renamed the Andrej Marušič Institute - UP IAM.

Since its foundation, UP IAM has been the backbone of development in the field of science and technology at UP which is a strategically important area for the broader progress of the university. A distinctive feature of research excellence is that research is not limited to performance in a single discipline, but emphasises interdisciplinary performance, which means working beyond the traditional and sharp divisions between the core fields of human science (natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities). To this end, since 2006, UP IAM has operated in close cooperation with the UP Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Communication Technologies (UP Famnit).

Research work is organised in four interconnected research and development units: the Department of Technology (OT UP IAM), Department of Mathematics (OM UP IAM), Department of Information Science and Technology (DIST UP IAM) and Department of Health Studies (OPZ UP IAM).

In addition to its departments, UP IAM has also established three centres. The Slovenian Centre for Suicide Research (SCRS) was established in 2011; its Chair, Prof. Dr. Diego De Leo, proposed the creation of an independent unit within the Institute in memory of his late colleague, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Andrej Marušič, and with the aim of continuing his work. The Centre for Cooperation with Industry (CSI UP IAM) was established in 2012 in line with UP's policy of promoting cooperation with industry on research and development projects. In 2015, the Centre for Application Design and Development (CORA UP IAM) was also established as the need was recognised for an organised group of researchers to manage and work in the field of applications for both UP IAM and UP, as well as in the market.

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