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UP IAM focuses its development on increasing its performance, mainly through integration into the international environment through scientific excellence.

The vision of UP IAM is to further enhance the interdisciplinary research links between all existing departments and fields, thus becoming a single interdisciplinary regional, national and global centre of science and technology, providing solutions for the local and wider environs to improve the quality of life in various fields:

  • To further strengthen its position as one of the four leading research groups in the field of mathematics and algebraic graph theory on a global scale through the successful implementation of an event of global importance.
  • Advance the field of cryptography to a world-class level.
  • To become a recognised centre for the study of mental health and suicidal behaviour in Slovenia and one of the key centres at a global level, linking all stakeholders – institutions, NGOs, the community and students of psychology – with world-renowned experts.
  • Establish a joint technology and development park in close partnership with industry and actively participate in the development of the Centre of Excellence for Research and Innovation in Renewable Materials and Healthy Living Environments – InnoRenew CoE.
  • Become an important contributor in the development of e-solutions for public institutions and companies, with in-house developed and tested applications.
  • To co-create with the local community and decision-makers a friendly environment for research and academics, with an awareness of the importance of science for prosperity. At the same time, to be an excellent and attractive working environment for both young and established researchers from Slovenia and abroad, with strong administrative support to facilitate researchers’ focus solely on their scientific work.
  • Restructuring of the UP IAM into a Doctoral School (UP DAM) for Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Interdisciplinarity and Engineering, which will bring doctoral programmes closer to scientific research and cooperation with industry.


The mission of UP IAM is to develop the fundamental fields of the Human Sciences (natural sciences and engineering in relation to the social sciences and humanistic studies) through close interdisciplinary cooperation at both a national and international level, with the aim of achieving scientific excellence and producing research results for a shared prosperity and development of a unified science.

UP IAM pursues its mission through inextricably linked and intertwined key areas: research excellence, social activity, international engagement, cooperation with industry and NGOs, and the creation of a stimulating working environment. The pursuit of our mission is thus focused on:

  • Maintaining and further improving scientific excellence, defined by the number of publications in indexed journals, the number of citations, and the successful acquisition and implementation of research projects.
  • Increased interdisciplinarity between Mathematics and Computer Science, with a particular focus on the development of the field of cryptography, which is crucial in terms of national security.
  • Engagement with the social environment through successful transfer of knowledge to the wider public, especially in the areas of preserving and improving (mental) health, healthy living and the environment.
  • Strengthening young staff development, with the added advantage of strong international presence and visibility, which allows for visits abroad, visits by international researchers, and participation in internationally renowned events, and projects.
  • Organisation of annual international conferences with the participation of the most eminent scientists in the field and other meetings aimed at transferring knowledge.
  • Contributing to the enhancement of the international competitiveness of individual sectors of the Slovenian economy in the field of sustainable use of natural resources and sustainability in the operations of businesses and in the overall quality of users’ lives.
  • Fostering a working environment that allows researchers to excel in administrative support and to reduce such tasks, which provides an opportunity to better focus on the pursuit of research excellence.

The current vision and mission were adopted at the 1st Regular Session of the UP IAM Researchers’ Assembly on June 11th, 2018.

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