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UP IAM is the only research institute operating within the University of Primorska (UP). Since its establishment, it has carried out both national and international projects. Alongside its core projects, it has also implemented applied projects, which represent a strong link with the economy and other stakeholders, the users of research results.

The key advantages for research work at UP IAM are:

  • scientific excellence,
  • interdisciplinary integration,
  • strong international links,
  • strong links with the local economy,
  • strong links with UP FAMNIT, enabling teaching and knowledge transfer.

UP IAM focuses its research and development activities in four fields:

The UP IAM research group is one of the four leading research groups in the field of Algebraic Graph Theory worldwide (the other three are in China, Australia and South Korea). Researchers from the Department were involved in the organisation of the 8th European Congress of Mathematics (8ECM), held in June 2021, the most important mathematical event hosted by Slovenia and held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr Borut Pahor.

The Department of Information Sciences and Technologies has been a key participant in the nationally important task of introducing eHealth. Within the CORA Centre, it is mainly focused on the development of applications relevant for the optimal operation of the UP.

The field of technology is mainly linked to sustainable aspects of natural resource use and environmental protection. A key achievement is the InnoRenew (Teaming) project, under which the Centre of Excellence for Research and Innovation in Renewable Materials and Healthy Living Environments (InnoRenew CoE) was established in 2016. Another important partnership is the more than ten-year cooperation with the Port of Koper d.d., one of the most important economic operators in the local environment.

The area of Public Health focuses on mental health and suicidology, i.e. the study of a fundamental Slovenian public health problem. The Slovenian Centre for Suicide Research (SCSR) is strongly involved in both research and practice in suicide prevention, responding quickly and effectively to the needs of the environment, especially young people.

The research work of UP IAM is particularly closely linked to UP Famnit. In fact, the two members have concluded and are actively implementing a Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation in areas of common interest.

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