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On Monday, 14 February 2022, the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia hosted a discussion on Cultural Heritage in Development Programs 2021-2027. The discussion was aimed to examine the state of cultural heritage in Slovenia, its involvement in various sectors, and the final initiative for an immediate systemic approach to the developmental understanding of cultural heritage, especially in the protected areas of the old city centers.

Among the speakers were also prof. Andreja Kutnar, PhD.Head of the Wood Science department in the Department of Applied Natural Sciences at UP, presented the method of preserving cultural heritage with the principle of the New European Bauhaus in the case of the restoration of the Servite Monastery in Koper and prof. Irena Lazar, PhD.Dean of UP FHŠ, Head of the UNESCO chair of interpretation and education for enhancing integrated heritage approaches, presented the heritage aspect as a great development opportunity.

The discussion in Slovene is available here.


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