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On Monday, 22 May (preliminary) and today, 25 May (regular) 2023, the elections for the Rector of the University of Primorska were held at the UP.

After the closure of the three polling stations, the Electoral Committees verified the validity of the ballot papers, counted the valid votes, and then converted them into points. Afterwards, the Chair of the Election Committee, Associate Professor Dr Mihael Perman, presented the unofficial results.

The voter turnout (by groups) was:

among higher education teachers, researchers, research assistants and higher education associates, 81 %;

among other UP employees, 84 %; and

among students 6,4 %.

On the basis of the valid ballot papers counted, the candidate Prof. Dr. Klavdija Kutnar received 62,85 % of the valid points, and the candidate Prof. Dr. Matjaž Novak received 37,15 % of the valid points.

Prof. Dr. Klavdija Kutnar is the Rector of UP for a new four-year term

The results have to be confirmed by the Senate of the University, until then they are considered unofficial.


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