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Representatives of the US Embassy in Slovenia were received today by Assoc. Prof. David B. DeVallance, Vice-Rector for Internationalization at the University of Primorska. The guests presented two programmes to students and staff at the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies.

The Student Entrepreneurship and Internship (SEI) program is particularly interesting for undergraduate and master's students. Every year, the programme has available internships for 20 students in companies that are part of the AmCham Slovenia network.

"During the two-week program, which will take place from 11 to 22 July this year, students without any experience in entrepreneurship and economy will have the opportunity to attend guest lectures on entrepreneurship, visit Slovenian institutions in banking and economy sector (Bank of Slovenia, Slovene Chamber of Commerce, etc.) and work on their own project, which they will bring from a basic idea to a sales pitch for potential investors. As part of the SEI program, students will, later on, join companies within the AmCham network, where they will complete a paid two-week internship and gain valuable experience as well as professional opportunities,” explained Charlotte Taft from the US Embassy.

The deadline for applications to the SEI program is 11th March 2022. If you missed the morning presentation, you can join another info session online this afternoon, 3rd March at 5 PM. Registration is required, please see here.

Špela Sušec, the exchanges coordinator at the US Embassy, ​​presented three Fulbright programs intended for slovenian doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers visiting the USA and for American citizens visiting Slovenia. In this year's call, which is expected to be open from March until the end of June, candidates will be able to apply for a visit at their chosen institution in the United States for the academic year 2023/24, either for 1 or 2 semesters, depending on the programme.

Some of the former Fulbright scholars at the University of Primorska also attended the meeting, namely Prof. Dragan Marušič, Prof. Dušanka Janežič, Dr. Safet Penjić, and the Rector of the University of Primorska, Prof. Klavdija Kutnar, who welcomed the participants at the beginning of the presentation.


Prof. Dušanka Janežič from the Department of Applied Natural Sciences at UP Famnit pointed out the importance of participating in the programme: “The Fulbright Scholarship provides doctoral students and researchers not only with full financial support for studying abroad, but also with administrative assistance in transitioning to a new environment, such as health insurance, relocation of family members, and other support.”

Prof. Klavdija Kutnar, who was a Fulbright Scholar at Ohio State University between 2010 and 2011, further emphasized the distinguished opportunity to become a Fulbright Scholar, having visited several US institutions, and worked with top experts from her research field, and thus gaining invaluable experience.

Dr. Safet Penjić, a researcher at UP IAM and assistant at UP Famnit, and also a Fulbright Scholar in 2018-2019, said that the overall experience was very positive, and recommended that doctoral students get acquainted with the programme at the beginning of their studies.

More information about Fulbright programmes are available here.

After the presentations, the guests from the US Embassy also visited the new InnoRenew CoE building in Izola.



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