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Postdoctoral position open at the University of Primorska – mentor Assist. Prof. Nino Bašić

                 (Assist. Prof. Nino Bašić)

The Departments of Information Sciences and Technologies of Andrej Marusic Institute (UP IAM) and the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (UP FAMNIT) of the University of Primorska are inviting a distinguished early career researcher for a postdoctoral position.

Polyhedral self-assembly is a very appealing research field, both in the area of synthetic biochemistry and also mathematics. Great attention was paid to modelling self-assembly from a single-chain peptide. A mathematical model was established that heavily relies on the use of special double traces of graphs. A lot of research territory still remains open, for instance, the study of multiple-chain self-assembly. Of course, the mathematical model has to be adopted accordingly to enable multiple chains. It has to take into account both parallel and anti-parallel dimers, as well as homo- and hetero-dimers. The research goal is to develop a model that is as general as possible, while still manageable. An important component of the project are computer simulations (including the use of computer clusters and multicore systems).

The candidate will also have the opportunity to be involved in research of other topics in chemical graph theory that are pursued by the local research group, such as spectral properties of molecular graphs, chemical hexagonal complexes, core and nut graphs, altans of chemical graphs etc.

The terms and conditions are:

  • Candidates must have a PhD in mathematics or theoretical computer science (or a related field) upon taking the position.
  • The position includes a teaching load of 1-2 courses per semester in the Mathematics/Computer Science/Bioinformatics/Data Science study programmes at UP FAMNIT.
  • The starting gross salary is 2286 EUR per month (approx. 1550 EUR net).
  • The position (employment) is for a period of two years.

The deadline for submission of applications is May 1st, 2022, or until the position is filled.

The starting date is negotiable, but preferably no later than October 1st, 2022.

To apply, please send the documents below in electronic format to Assist. Prof. Nino Bašić (nino.basic@famnit.upr.s) with the subject title »UP Postdoc 2022«:

  • Curriculum Vitae,
  • Publication List,
  • Research Statement,
  • Copies of three recent papers or preprints,
  • Names and e-mail addresses of at least three persons that can be contacted for reference (and have agreed to be contacted).

All informal inquiries should be addressed to Assist. Prof. Nino Bašić (nino.basic@famnit.upr.si).

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