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Cambridge University Press published the book »Symmetry in Graphs« as part of the series of Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics. The authors, Ted Dobson, Aleksander Malnič, and Dragan Marušič, of this first full-length book entirely focused on symmetry in graphs, are long-time researchers at the University of Primorska.

The books within the series Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics aim at introducing the reader to an active area of mathematical research. As well as being suitable for postgraduate students, the topics covered are also useful for experts and professionals from other branches of mathematics seeking access to research topics.

ABOUT »Symmetry in Graphs«

The book begins with the content focusing on background material, thus leading the reader to the most active research topics in this fast-growing field that is part of algebraic graph theory. The authors use the introductory section to motivate the detailed discussion of each topic that follows in the remainder of the book.

The focus is on the study of highly symmetric graphs, in particular vertex-transitive graphs and other combinatorial structures, primarily using techniques from group theory. The research in this area provides new insights into permutation groups and related algebraic structures.

With numerous examples and more than 450 exercises, the book is a key introduction to the subject for graduate students and valuable addition to the bookshelf of any algebraic graph theorist.


»The book is an excellent introduction to graph symmetry, assuming only first courses in each of group theory and graph theory. Illustrative and instructive examples of graphs with high symmetry are given along with motivating problems. The theory of group actions is interspersed throughout the book, as appropriate to the development of the graph story, and there are separate chapters treating different research directions, for example, vertex-transitive graphs and their automorphism groups, the Cayley Isomorphism Problem, and Hamiltonicity. The book provides a seamless entry for students and other interested people into this fascinating study of the interplay between symmetry and network theory, with extensive lists of exercises at the end of each chapter, important research problems on graph symmetry discussed throughout the book, and especially in the final chapter.«
Cheryl Praeger, University of Western Australia, Perth

»Dobson, Malnič, and Marušič have done us a real service. They offer a thorough treatment of graph symmetry, the first textbook on the topic. What makes this even more useful is that their treatment is detailed, careful, and gentle.«
Chris Godsil, University of Waterloo, Ontario

»A book like this is long overdue. It brings together a vast array of important and interesting material about graph symmetries and is very well presented. Congratulations to the authors on a fine achievement. «
Marston Conder, University of Auckland

You can find out more about the publication at this link.

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