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The 14th edition of the TRIPLE i: Intuition, Imagination and Innovation in Suicidology conference is organised by Andrej Marušič Institute, Slovenian Centre for Suicide Research (UP IAM SCSR). The two-day event was held virtually from 23-24 May 2023, thus allowing the participation of listeners from a wide variety of backgrounds who might not have been able to attend a traditional conference format, due to financial or time constraints.

Lectures by internationally renowned experts in the field of suicidology Dr. Karl Andriessen, Dr. Vita Poštuvan, Dr. William Feigelman, Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, Dr. Yossi Levi-Belaz, Dr. Alexandra Pitman and Dr. Diego De Leo were attended by 310 participants from 38 countries.

All participants were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Diego De Leo, Head of the Slovenian Centre for Suicide Research, Prof. Dr. Vita Poštuvan, Deputy Head, and Prof. Dr. Vito Vitrih, Director of the Institute.

The aim of this year's conference was to bring the experience of the bereaved closer to the participants and to find together effective ways of help and support. We raised awareness of the pervasive tragedy of suicide, which affects not only those who experience the distress of suicide, but also all those who have lost a loved one or a person with whom they were connected in one way or another through suicide. Research shows that around 135 people are affected by suicide every year, and many of them are deeply affected.

We invite you to visit www.zivziv.si, where experts and people with personal experience write about mental health and suicide.



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