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The Andrej Marusic Prize 2012

The International Association for Suicide Prevention, the Institute Andrej Marusic (IAM) and the 14th European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour (ESSSB14) are introducing the Andrej Marusic Prizes (AMP).

Four years ago, Suicidology lost one of its most brilliant representatives. A premature, fatal illness took the life of Slovenian psychiatrist Andrej Marusic (1965-2008). His impressive intelligence and knowledge, his hunger for learning and achieving, his curiosity of science and life in general, and his tireless analyses of complex issues led to major scientific contributions to Suicidology. This comprised epidemiological and sociological research as well as genetic studies. His early interest in the genetic determinants of suicidal behaviour, involving research in molecular genetics with innovative techniques, was maintained throughout his research career, as he explored the relationship between genes and acquired factors, and the emergence of the "gene-environment" product. Although many of his studies remained unfinished Andrej left us a precious legacy of research findings and theoretical reflections that continue to stimulate discussion amongst clinicians and researchers in the field of Suicidology.

Andrej had special leadership qualities, highly developed interpersonal skills and an unforgettable communication style, which brought energy and enthusiasm to the field of Suicidology.

His contribution to Suicidology went beyond his scientific initiatives through involvement in the development of the European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour, ESSSB, and the biannual international meeting "Suicide: Interplay of Genes and Environment". We remain indebted to Andrej in many ways.

At the ESSSB 13 Symposium in Rome in September 2010, the Andrej Marusic Award for research was established. During the ESSSB 14 Symposium in Tel Aviv, 3-6th September 2012, prizes will also be awardedto the best scientific contributions to the Symposium in the field of biology of suicide, suicide prevention and treatment of suicidal behaviour, by young researchers.

Applicants should be under 40 years old, or have less then 5 years of experience in the field of Suicidology. They should submit a summary of their scientific proposal/contribution through the symposium website. Criteria that will be taken into account in evaluating the applications include: innovative nature of the research, relevance and clarity of aims and objectives, quality of the methodological approach and feasibility of the implementation of the research findings in terms of available expertise, planning and resources.

Applicants should submit by e-mail to the Organising Committee, lead by Professor Marco Sarchiapone: marco.sarchiapone@me.com, a letter of application stating their name, title, affiliation and focus of research. A CV of no more than 4 pages and a 1500 word summary of their scientific proposal/contribution and its importance is required. Candidates who are shortlisted for the prizes will be invited to present a research paper at the Award Symposium of ESSSB 14.

The deadline for applications is July 30th 2012.


For further information, see

www.iasp.info, www.esssb14.org


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