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The Cycle Around the Globe campaign, organized each year by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), has seen its most monumental participation to date with over 2,000 participants in over 47 countries cycling to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

For the ninth year running, participants joined together to collectively cycle the circumference of the globe in the period between World Suicide Prevention Day (10 September) and World Mental Health Day (10 October). This year, participants walked, ran, and cycled a phenomenal 297,852 KM to break the stigma surrounding suicide – A distance equivalent to over 7 times around the globe!

Over 85 teams took on the challenge globally this year. As part of our World Mental Health Day activities, UP Inštitut Andrej Marušič was joined by Kilometri za življenje (Kilometers for Life), an annual cycling event held in Slovenia, and collectively cycled a colossal 86,270 KM, finishing top of the #CycleTheGlobe 2022 leaderboard.

Congratulations and thank you for raising awareness with us.


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