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ponedeljek, 22. julij 2013

Joint Conference of COST FP0904 and FP1006

Joint Conference FP0904 and FP1006: "Characterization of modified wood in relation to wood bonding and coating performance" 


16th to 18th October 2013

Rogla, Slovenia

Conference Topic(s)
The aim of this event is to present materials, technologies, and characterization techniques in relation to wood bonding and coating performance of modified wood:
  • Modification techniques (new and/or improved)
  • Characterization of modified wood surface
  • Formation and properties of the bond line/coating system
  • Performance of coated modified wood
  • Performance of bonded modified wood
  • Performance of surface wood - based panels made from/or in combination with modified wood

To register fill the registration form and send it to: dr. Sergej Medved or dr. Andreja Kutnar. The deadline for registration is 4 October 2013!

Hotel reservation Rogla

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About COST Action FP0904

The polymeric components of wood and its porous structure allow its properties to be modified under the combined effects of temperature, moisture an mechanical action - so-colled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical (THM) treatments. Various types of processing techniques, including high temperature steam with or without an applied mechanical force, can be utilized to enhance wood properties, to produce eco-friendly new materials and to develop new products. During these THM treatments, wood undergoes mechano-chemical transformations, which depend upon the processing parameters and material properties. An investigation of these phenomena requires collaboration between groups from different wood disciplines; however, to date research has been rather fragmented.

This COST Action Aims to apply promising techniques and material sciences through an interdisciplinary approach to improve knowledge about the chemical degradation and mechanical behavior of wood during THM processing. This wil help overcome the challenges being faced in scaling-up research findings, as well to improving full industrial production, process improvement and the enhancement of product properties and the development of new products.

About COST Action FP1006

Many applications of products are determined by their special surface properties, and based on the physical, chemical and biological interchange of various molecules with the materials surface. This is especially true for the use of wood and wood based products due to the special wood characteristics like anisotropy, UV-degradation. Thus, bringing new functions to wood through surface modification is needed in order to enhance the quality of the existing wood products and to open the way to new applications, products or markets.

This COST Action aims to provide the scientific-based framework and knowledge required for enhanced surface modification of wood and wood based products towards higher functionalization and towards fulfillment of higher technical, economic and environmental standards. This will be achieved by working within three main areas: Wood surface modification and functionalization, Wood interface modification and interface interaction and Process and Service life modelling.

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