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International Conference on Graph Theory and Combinatorics
Dedicated to Prof. Dragan Marušič's 60th Birthday
UP FAMNIT, Koper, Slovenia, May 1 - May 3, 2013

Organizing Committee:

Klavdija Kutnar, Boštjan Kuzman, Aleksander Malnič, Štefko Miklavič, Primož Šparl

Timetable, abstracts, list of participants

Invited talks

  • B. Alspach: Cayley Graphs On Abelian Groups (slides)
  • T. Pisanski: Reflecting on Some Common Work with Dragan (slides)
  • M. Conder: Half-arc-transitive and Semi-symmetric Graphs (slides)
  • R. Jajcay: Counting Cycles in Vertex-transitive Graphs (slides)
  • A. Ivanov: Group Theory and Life
  • S. Zhou: Symmetric Graphs with 2-arc Transitive Quotients (slides)
  • R. Nedela: Half-arc-transitive Actions with Cyclic Stabilizers and their Geometric Visualisation
  • P. Spiga: Semiregular Elements in Cubic Vertex-transitive Graphs and the Restricted Burnside Problem (slides)
  • E. Dobson: Classifying Vertex-transitive Graphs (slides)
  • L. Martinez Fernandez: m-Cayley Circulant Strongly Regular Digraphs (slides)
  • N. Seifter: Reachability Relations, Transitive Digraphs and Groups (slides)
  • M. Muzychuk: On Regular Cayley Maps over Dihedral Groups (slides)
  • G. Kiss: Notes on Semiarcs (slides)
  • G. Verret: Semiregular Automorphisms of Arc-transitive Graphs (slides)

Conference booklet cover (pdf)

Dragan and his PhD graduates

Organized by:

  • UP FAMNIT - University of Primorska, Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies
  • UP IAM - University of Primorska, Andrej Marušič Institute

In Collaboration with

  • Centre for Discrete Mathematics, UL PeF (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education).
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